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More than fifteen years of a successful career behind the decks prove this sound technician and harmony student from Aragon, who’s sound progression and evolution has been the main cause of his meteoric ascent getting to be resident of one of the best and most important clubs in Spain as Florida 135.

Andres’ best attribute is making his sets close to a celestial and sound journey; and indeed, this demonstration comes out every weekend where thousands of loyal and faithful clubbers make a pilgrimage to dance his energetic, sharp and groovy techno rhytms a correct ascendant pentagram of clear and perpetual elements, is Andres best cover letter and leitmotif of his success and recognition while speaking about the best and most known electronic media and press of the Spanish scene. However, it’s been his award granted by “los Premios de la Música Aragonesa” as best Dj on 2013 or his nominations as best newcomer granted by DJ Magazine, best DJ granted by “Premios de La Música Aragonesa” in 2011 or favourite fans artist on the Vicious Music Awards this 2014 which have defined Campo as one of the best values in Spain’s electronic outlook; the present and future of the Spanish scene. While in the studio, Campo While in the studio. Campo’s references urge newness and originality, features that have lead him to collaborate with labels as Stickrecordings, Florida Music, Natura Viva or Drakos Recording.