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01If you don’t know Claptone yet, then you are not alone. Even though many people have heard of him, no-one truly knows who or what he is. The only certainty however, is the captivating music he makes. It never fails to bind those who hear it under his spell. And from then the mysterious being becomes even more intriguing. He has never openly courted people’s attention – or even shown them his face – but what he has done is offer up some of the most compelling club sounds of recent years. They have come in original and remix format, and each and every time he serves up one of his missives, people fall ever deeper in love. Claptone’s greatest spell yet is his forthcoming full-length album. Charmer is something inspired not by a current hit formula or a token trend. Instead it is informed by the eons of music that he has soaked up during his travels, wandering through the ages. It comes not as a quest for fame, but as a way of expressing emotions, of touching people on a deeper level. It aims to evoke something in those people without dictating what that should be. “Laughing can be very close to crying,” says Claptone. “…and crying can be very close to laughing. Songs can be melancholic and beautiful whilst still making you smile.”