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REIM is linked to music for several years, its progression is dazzling. His productions worked and enriched open to him the doors of several clubs, he accumulate the dates until the first part of Stephan Bodzin at the Under Club. A few days later, he heard one of he latest productions played by Richie Hawtin at the Weather Festival…

This young French techno grows in power, it’s time to come to support it!

Its sharp taste for music you travel all along its ensemble, mixing Techno and intoxicating melody …

Bruno Mercader AKA OUNO is a young french DJ from North Catalogne. Passionate by electro music sice he was young, it’s to the age of sixteen that he started to try to be a DJ.

At 18, he have the chance to play for the first time in a club. The years after, OUNO played in lot of clubs around the France and Spain, like Under Club, La villa Rouge, the Rachdingue or the Florida 135.

In 2014, he integrate the Secret garden Productions Collective. Ouno is an really artist witch you will still heard about.