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Dear Hibernationers !

 We hope you will find here all the answers to your legitimate questions related to the Covid situation. Please note that at the present time, the Andorran authorities have authorized the festival. Of course, we will keep you updated on the evolution of the situation, from now to D-day. 🤗

You have to know that we work in close contact with the competent authorities to ensure that our event will ensure optimum sanitary conditions, guaranteeing your safety through the experience of our festival.

What happens if the festival is canceled resulting to the Covid situation ?

You will receive an email with a form that MUST BE COMPLETED to activate one of the following three possibilities : 

1 – I want to be reimbursed. 

You will receive an email from our ticket service partner, Festicket, in the days following the cancelation of the festival. By choosing the refund option, your ticket and Tokens will be fully refunded within 40 days (maximum) following the validation of the form. 

2 – I want to keep my place. 

By choosing this option, you will keep your place AND your Tokens / merchandising  (if so bought) for the next edition of our festival. 

You will not experience any possible price increase on our next edition ! We want you to know that we admire you with all our hearts. And we promise you that this epidemic will last less than our will to come back ! 😉

3 – I want to donate my ticket to Hibernation. 

By choosing this option, you offer the amount of your ticket, and your Tokens, to the Hibernation Festival.

You will be considered by our team as a modern hero and a prayer will be made on your behalf to the great god of music ! 🙏

More seriously, the gesture may seem trivial, but for us it is just incredible.

A big THANK YOU ! 🙌

Do I have to be tested or vaccinated to enter the festival ? 

Entry requirements will strictly follow national guidelines and restrictions imposed by the government of Andorra, at the time of the event. And we will strictly respect the health protocol necessary for everyone’s health security.

We want to see you in the best shape to dance with us ! 😘